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Flora Bervoix, Glyndebourne 2014


"There were excellent comprimarios...especially, Lauren Easton (a busty busybody of a Flora, up there with the best I've seen)." - Hugh Canning


"...Lauren Easton was a sparky Flora in both party scenes..." - Mark Pullinger


"...Eddie Wade's volatile silver fox baron and Lauren Easton's chippy, feisty Flora make their mark..." - Katherine Cooper


The Sandman, Glyndebourne 2013


"Humperdinck gives the Sandman and Dew Fairy chances in this opera that it is virtually impossible to fail at and the limpid voices of Lauren Easton (in white) and Angharad Morgan (in sickly green) made the best of their opportunities; theirs was some of the best singing of the evening." - Jim Pritchard


" the brief role of the Sandman, but then both she and Angharad Morgan as the Dew Fairy sang delectably."  

- Curtis Rogers


"Chorus soloist Lauren Easton is a memorable white-faced Sandman and Angharad Morgan a goofy green Dew Fairy. The singing is uniformly excellent." - Simon Thomas



The Yellow Sofa, Glyndebourne 2012


"Easton makes the role enchanting, even sensual, as she moves carefully along caressing the wooden back of the sofa while relating the unhappy story of the Portuguese husband." Australian Times UK


"...the singing sofa – whimsically named Amarela – delivered in a smoky mezzo and with slinky, cabaret-like movements by Lauren Easton..." The Guardian UK






"...The judges agreed that Lauren has a rich, warm, mezzo voice which is beautifully even throughout the entire range and has great expressive potential.”


The Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship




Wales International Academy of Voice 2011


"...Lauren Easton a secure and masterly interpretation of the vigours of Handel..." Wales Online



Heral Sun Aria Final 2010


"Winner of the encouragement award, mezzo Lauren Easton, 27, of NSW, hushed the audience with her strong delivery of a sombre aria from Massenet's Werther." 

The Herald Sun


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